Building a Monument to First Responders

Help Build Our Monument! Please consider a donation now!

Would you like to say that you helped build our monument? Would you like to do something positive for our community?  Your Monumental Team needs your help!  Donations of any size for construction of the Monument are now needed. No donation is too small.

Checks should be made out to: Rotary District 6450 Foundation, Inc.

Donations can be sent to: The Rotary Club of Oak Lawn, PO Box 612, Oak Lawn, IL 60454

Each and every donation is much appreciated. All donors will receive a thank you letter with a 501(c)(3) tax exemption on it.  A donation of $25.00 will buy about 3 lbs of bronze.  A full-sized ingot costs about $165 and weighs 21 lbs.   We want to build the best monument that we’re able to, and we want the entire community to feel ownership.   Please donate today!

Thank you for helping!

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