Building a Monument to First Responders

Molten metal transformed into Herald’s wings destined to grace top of Oak Lawn spire

Artist Erik Blome shared a video from his studio taken yesterday. This video shows a molten bronze pour into a form that will make one of the wings on top of the spire. These wings are free-form and gestural, rather than realistic. They’ll be placed at the apex of the spires of the Oak Lawn Rotary Club’s Monument to First Responders.  These wing shapes at the very top are “Herald wings” which signify the positive message that First Responders and Americans gave in response to the attacks.

Splash poured bronze Herald wing before shaping

The photo depicts one of the wings after cooling, but before the final shaping.

Blome is working intensely to have the project completed by our 9/11/11 deadline. Even with the tight deadline, the artist says that he is cutting no corners and says with pride, “it will be my best work.”

If you’d like to help build this Monument, you can contribute directly to the cause at the address at the top of the blog. You can purchase a golf ball for our Golf Ball Drop by calling (708) 423-2500. Better yet, you can make a donation and have a wonderful time at our Dancing Under the Stars and Stripes event on the Metra Parking Facility rooftop on June 25th! You won’t want to miss this one of a kind event! Tickets can be obtained by calling John Zawaski at (708) 259-5460.

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