Building a Monument to First Responders

WTC Beam will be in the Oak Lawn July 4th Parade

Thanks to a last-minute effort by many caring individuals, the Village of Oak Lawn Fourth of July Parade will have one or more of our four WTC beams on procession in the parade. Residents of Oak Lawn and the surrounding communities have enjoyed the awesome Parade for years, but this year it will be even more special.

The Oak Lawn Rotary Club and Village of Oak Lawn have found a volunteer flat bed truck, driver and volunteers who will hoist a beam onto the truck for the parade. The Oak Lawn Police and Fire Departments will provide an escort on foot as as the WTC beam makes its way along the parade route. On the flat bed truck with the beam may be a American Flag flown in Afghanistan by Art Clark in support of building the Monument.

In the days following the parade, the beams will be installed at the site of the Oak Lawn Rotary Club’s 9/11 First Responder Memorial. The beams will incorporated into a bronze sculptor by artist Erik Blome, which will be dedicated on 9/11/11.

We hope that all the folks in the parade will take a moment to learn about our Monument and attend the dedication. Donations are still much needed as we enter into the final phase of design and construction of this unique Monument to First Responders.

Want to learn more about Oak Lawn’s Parade? Check out the link HERE.

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