Building a Monument to First Responders

Meade Electric Donates the Big Dig

How do you stand 20,700 lbs of steel on end safely? Dig deep. Nine feet deep.

Today Meade Electric generously donated the labor and equipment to get the job done. Mr. Tom Talbot of Meade Electric stated that they wanted to give back to a community that has been a supporter of their business. The Monumental Team sincerely appreciates the help!

Meade Electric also did the drilling work for the first phase of the Oak Lawn Rotary Club’s 9/11 First Responder Memorial which supports the artistic elements.

The Oak Lawn Park District, Public Works and Meade Electric are working together to prepare the site for a concrete pour on Wednesday, weather permitting. Ozinga has very generously donated the concrete.

Just how big are the beams that will be placed on the two caissons being poured? Beam I-163 is 25 feet long, 48 inches wide and weighs 13,200 lbs. Beam I-165 is 21 feet long, 41 inches wide and weighs 7,500 lbs.

These will complete Artist Erik Blome’s vision for the site as a forest of beams. The two sculptural elements are mounted atop two beams. Two other pieces will be laying down in a sculptural arrangement at eye level. The total weight of precious WTC steel on site will be approximately 12.5 tons.

Your Monumental Team is building a destination for the region that honors our First Responders of the past, present and future. No community in the area is doing a project of this magnitude. The fact that it is being constructed through the support of individuals and businesses in the community makes it that much more meaningful. It will be a wonderful tribute to our First Responders and is a true and right reflection of the resilience of the American Spirit.

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